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Bruce D. Arvizu

Emerging Technologies

Bruce D. Arvizu is a dynamic speaker, author, instructor and recognized global subject matter expert (SME) specializing in pre-fire tactical plans, structured triage plans, development of pre-packaged disaster evacuation plans, resource planning and the strategic use of GIS in fire and other force majeure events for the Department of Homeland Security, First Response Resource Group, Emerging Technologies Working Group. Within this working group, Mr. Arvizu is focused on the use of drone technology. Currently, he serves on the 12-member Executive Steering Management Group of 300 SME cohorts. He is experienced in solving challenging tasks in “6-D, i.e., “Denied, Dangerous, Data-Rich, Difficult, Dull and Dirty Environments.” Mr. Arvizu identifies and deploys the latest platforms for precision inspection, survey, mapping, data collection, edge technology, and sensor platforms for the Oil/Gas/Utility industries and first responders.

As Battalion Chief for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, before his retirement, Mr. Arvizu served as Strike Team Leader or Operations Commander for every major Wildfire, High-Rise, Ship-Fire and all other major infrastructure incident occurring in California since 2001, including over 75 operational periods on Wildfire incidents alone. In addition, Mr. Arvizu coordinated Interagency Regional Training involving Port Evacuations, Terrorism, Rail, HazMat, Island Response, Transportation and Oil Refineries. Most recently, Bruce coordinated the fire evacuations of more than 14,000 people in the Southern California Wildfires.

In the wake of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, Mr. Arvizu served as a Response Team Leader, leading a multi-agency forward team to assist FDNY with multifunctional tasks. He coordinated the US Navy Logistics Plan by improving the Hazmat Response Plan integration among civilian, military and government resources on chemical disasters. He spearheaded the Fire Disaster Defense Planning, Planning and Evacuation Program for areas of LA County’s 150,000 residents. Bruce served as Team Leader for the IAP World Cup Games 2004 and coordinated the Unified Command with the FBI, World Cup, Secret Service, Police, Sheriff and Military assets concerning the Operational Plan at Home Depot Center.

Bruce as Battalion Chief added value to all “risk denied” environments serving as Co-Chair of the Community Alert Emergency Response Group (CAER) a diverse group of government, business and oil and gas industries uniting to provision for local emergencies and disasters, Southern California Industrial Mutual Aid Organization (SCIMO), Committee member Oil Refinery Group with mutual interest in emergency training, equipment purchases, industry information and disaster simulations; Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSEC), Fire Operations Committee Member, advising the Port Group in areas of consequence management, marine disasters and other port concerns with specific emphasis on Hazmat-CBERN operations issues; USC Price School of Public Policy and Homeland Security- Mentor and Advisor. 

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