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Chariot Companies Unveils Innovative Public Private Partnership to Establish Philadelphia as Leading Global Energy Hub

Chariot Companies, a minority-owned, mission-based diversified community development entity headquartered in Philadelphia, today introduced City Council to its bold plan to create a legacy public-private partnership (P3) for the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW).

As Council rethinks a structured agreement for PGW, this plan outlines what P3 opportunities exist, and serves as a blueprint for the region as Philadelphia reimagines itself as a world energy hub, community development pacesetter, and model of innovation.

John Henry, Chariot’s founder and CEO, sees the energy hub changing the trajectory for working class families and people of color. “My social impact business model for each Chariot company is grounded in shared-value creation to focus on providing solutions to empower Philadelphia’s low-wealth communities while bringing a sophisticated, minority-owned perspective into business opportunities, stated Henry. Our approach leverages a PGW public-private partnership that impacts all sectors of the Philadelphia economy and social fabric.”

This action plan for PGW, endorsed by key community and national leaders, will maximize operational efficiencies; generate new revenues; provide strategic visioning for an Energy Hub; and ingrain economic and social benefits to all.

Chariot’s action plan calls for building a Summer Energy Academy (SEA) to develop an energy workforce readiness pipeline and training program. The SEA creates workforce development programs to provide a tailored science, technology, engineering arts and math (STEAM) enriched educational platform to meet anticipated demand for employment in the energy industry.

For industry participants, the action plan addresses an aging population, especially among employees of color, and promotes a pipeline for talent development and mentoring opportunities, as well as good corporate social responsibility. The SEA also offers financial literacy and exposure to the arts.

Civil Rights history maker, Earnest Green said, “At a time when Philadelphia is establishing itself as an Energy Hub, the potential for Philadelphia’s low-wealth communities to benefit from, and participate in, the potential economic watershed emerging from the burgeoning energy industry is unprecedented.”

“A partnership will help build new markets for Philadelphia and the U.S. by expanding trade and supporting the emergence of middle-class consumers. Accordingly, I believe that John Henry and Chariot have the vision, experience, and comprehensive action plan to provide unprecedented, narrowly tailored strategies and solutions with the City of Philadelphia,” Green concluded.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Chariot Companies, LLC is a minority-owned, mission-based diversified community development entity with five core business platforms focused on economic, social and racial equity. We bring creative, thoughtful and innovative win-win strategies, designs and structures to communities leading to shared-value, job-creation and sustainable economic growth.

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