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The key to the growth, and success, of IoT development is connectivity.  Through strategic partnerships, our subsidiary, Grace3 Technologies, is a leading provider of a broad suite of IoT and IoT amenities. We bring an unmatched capacity to leverage global wireless cellular and satellite networks and are uniquely positioned to deliver the connectivity necessary to advance social impact and economic growth, efficiencies and mobility promised by the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next century.

Grace3 Technologies is at the leading edge of multiple IoT technology segments. Chariot employs a long term and cohesive strategy to implement these platforms in all aspects of smart city development, public safety, security and surveillance, robotics (UGV/UAV), energy/resource management and maintenance, artificial intelligence and SD-WAN communications. ​

IoT is envisioned to enable governments and enterprises to achieve maximum efficiencies. Advancing technologies connected by real time communication (RTC) systems provide a seamless experience by connecting devices, sensors and platforms, and allowing the analysis of operational, performance and situational data.

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The social innovation of delivering real time communication analysis through ubiquitous connectivity will optimize interactive social systems like transportation, utilities, manufacturing, energy management, security and maritime industries -- all in real time.

Our Partners

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As the world continues to become more interconnected and mobile, many organizations are moving their data to the cloud. Having reliable connectivity to access and exchange data from anywhere is important and often mission critical. Having only one connection path leaves enterprise and government organizations vulnerable.

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Cloudwifi has IoT (Internet Of Things) solutions through purpose-built access networks which integrate all your major building systems into a unified managed network. These building systems can share information to reveal insights that lead to better outcomes for building owners, property managers, residents, and our planet.

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Mantaro provides engineering and product design services and specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) and robotic design. Our services include a full breadth of engineering design including: hardware design (analog, digital, RF) and software design to FPGA, and wireless design.

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