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Who We Are

Jared Brody

Jared Brody is an experienced telecommunications entrepreneur bringing a broad level of expertise the wireless and satellite technologies, business development processes and manufacturing. Mr. Brody has first-hand experience as both an active investor and advisor, as well as in principle roles with startup, growth and acquisition situations. He provides management, entrepreneurial consulting services and guidance, to other creative entrepreneurs, C level business owners and their management teams. Mr. Brody has been instrumental for his clients in developing and implementing marketing, sales and branding strategies, and utilizes a broad personal network and resources to assist both young and established companies through the next phases of growth and development. Mr. Brody brings vision and understanding to maximize the opportunities of current business cycles and environments.

Mr. Brody has over 20 years’ experience working in many segments of the telecommunications markets. He earned his undergraduate degree in Religion/Philosophy and Sociology from Bucknell University and completed his degree through the School for International Training in Chaing Mai Thailand. He has also served as adjunct Faculty at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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