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Who We Are

Jeremy Parsons

CEO & President, Mantaro Networks

Jeremy provides operational management, product development, sales and marketing strategy expertise to technology companies.  His business management experience ranges from small companies and startups to large corporations and divisions.  Jeremy has over 30 years of experience in technology development for telecommunications, robotics, cybersecurity, and transportation product companies. Jeremy has founded and managed two successful engineering services and product development companies.


Jeremy is currently the CEO of Mantaro Networks Inc a leading supplier of product development services, IP Cores and Robotic products and services.  Jeremy manages the financial, sales and marketing aspects of the business and provides technical leadership in new product development.  Jeremy also has an active involvement in managing services for Mantaro’s clients.

Prior to co-founding Mantaro in 2000 Jeremy was co-founder of Synaptyx Corporation an engineering services and product development company in 1995.  Jeremy led the transformation of Synaptyx from an engineering services company to a telecommunications products company and subsequently sold Synaptyx to Telco Systems in 1998.  Jeremy held the position of Vice President of Engineering at Telco Systems.

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