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Technology Innovator and Social Impact Integrator Form Alliance Bringing Advanced Wireless Technolog

PHILADELPHIA - April 16, 2018 - (

Chariot Companies, LLC and Beeper Communications Israel, Ltd. today announced a partnership to connect the physical and digital realm through IoT and “Smart City” technologies to provide cost-effective, reliable and secure edge/access networking communications in combination with cloud computing services to create opportunities for economic mobility in underserved communities. The framework is built upon a robust layer of digital infrastructure driven by advanced data and analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, connectivity and efficiency by providing private networks over public infrastructure.

Beeper’s IE 5000 SD WAN Cellular Bonder is a Comprehensive Communications Device (CCD), delivering high capacity wireless broadband connectivity. It provides a “network in a box” that actively and dynamically analyzes and profiles existing cellular (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) networks (4-Channels) for capacity and availability into one high-capacity Virtual Private Network (VPN). By utilizing the SD Wan Platform as a backbone communications bridge, Chariot and Beeper will be able to provide a ubiquitous infrastructure platform to improve workforce and education, health and wellness and economic mobility priorities for underserved communities.

High-speed Internet services delivered over broadband networks are critical to maintaining competitive advantages in a global economy. A strong correlation exists between broadband (both availability and adoption) and indices of economic growth, such as increases in Gross Domestic Product, employment, and property values. A lack of universal fast, affordable and reliable Internet access results in less economic development, fewer educational opportunities, and a lower quality of life, particularly for underserved communities. According to the FCC’s 2016 Broadband Progress Report, approximately 34 million Americans lack access to fixed 25 Mbps/3 Mbps broadband. Additionally, 37.4 million Americans lack access to less than or below 10 Mbps/1 Mbps. Furthermore, study findings identified a significant disparity between rural and urban areas, with more than 39 percent of Americans living in rural areas lacking access to 25 Mbps/3 Mbps advanced telecommunications capability, as compared to 4 percent of Americans living in urban areas.

“This marks the first time that a social impact influencer can bridge the gap from poverty to prominence. Through this partnership with Beeper, a leading technology innovator, Chariot will provide enterprise-class security and connectivity to underserved communities over existing public infrastructure as a tool to combat poverty, expand broadband access and adoption, and thus, increasing economic mobility. Beeper’s IoT and advanced core communications technology will enable Chariot to build low-cost digital infrastructure in underserved communities that has the potential to establish a wireless speed benchmark of 25/Mbps/3 Mbps,” said John A. Henry, Jr., CEO & Chairman of Chariot Companies, LLC.

The first phase of the new program will bring these technologies to facilities and social infrastructure projects in Philadelphia, PA, Shreveport, LA and Charleston, SC. Chariot will leverage the digital infrastructure in part, to provide workforce training and education programs, develop affordable healthcare models that meet workforce demands and create new opportunities to facilitate the communication and networking among individuals, institutions and stakeholders necessary for economic stability, community building and public safety.

About Chariot Companies

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Chariot Companies, LLC is a minority-owned, mission-based diversified social impact organization with core business platforms focused on revitalizing under-served communities throughout the United States. Chariot's team of executives, board members and advisors bring together civil rights leaders, finance, technology, and grassroots coalition builders to create sustainable programs that promote economic growth and mobility in underserved communities.

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