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Seabron Adamson

Charles River Associates 

Seabron Adamson is Vice President with Charles River Associates. Mr. Adamson focuses on the application of economic analysis to competitive energy markets for both electricity and natural gas. He has worked extensively on market design, asset valuation, litigation support, transmission pricing, and contract analysis. He has provided extensive expert testimony before the FERC, US state and Canadian provincial regulators, and arbitral tribunals. His international work on energy sector restructuring, pricing, and valuation issues includes projects in the European Union, India, China, and Latin America. He has also advised a range of generation, utility, and investment banking clients on generation valuation, finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Previously, Mr. Adamson was a director at Tabor Caramanis & Associates and a co-founder of Frontier Economics. Mr. Adamson has a BS, Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology, MA, Economics, Boston University, MS in Applied Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology and a MS, Technology & Policy, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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