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Social Impact

Part of our responsibility in running our social impact business is to maximize our contributions to communities while mitigating environmental impact. Another motivator is to give something back through creating economic opportunities. We create new sustainable business strategies, products and solutions that meet social needs or serve overlooked markets to enhance quality of life. 

We are dissolving business boundaries and are unrestricted by conventional forms and structures. We believe that the key to successful social innovation requires new value chain choices and these new configurations will create demand for equipment and technology that save energy, conserve resources and support communities. It also demands deeper diversification of stakeholders and cross-sector and multidisciplinary collaborative efforts while, perhaps most importantly, ensuring that the project fits with, and builds upon, the existing community fabric.

Clapping Audience

We do this through a series of managed programs and initiatives which are directly linked to the themes of community and economic support and assisting people who have been denied or have limited opportunity. Please find below descriptions of our social impact programs.

Two Friends with a Tablet

Philadelphia Foundation -

Donor Services Partnership

Through a Donor Services Agreement with the Philadelphia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public foundation that manages more than 900 charitable funds, we invest 20 percent of our subsidiary companies' profits into the communities that we serve.


Chariot Labs

Chariot Companies is the founding sponsor of Chariot Labs, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization seeking to create social impact by building public-private partnerships around K-12 educational and workforce training as well as relevant global issues. As equal parts convener, campaigner, and idea incubator, Chariot Labs is creating a new model for how a nonpartisan, nonprofit can have a global impact.


Emerging Tech & Energy Summit

Image by Mariana Proença

ChariOT Summer Camp

Mercersburg Academy Summer Camp Partnership

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